Add a colorful text overlay to any image and choose from 9 positions for placing it. Choose and control background color, text, spacing, padding, margins and more.

Divi Image Overlay

Complete Control


  • Ribbon Text Color
  • 9 Position Options
  • Image Upload
  • Image SEO Alternate Text and Title
  • Design
  • Ribbon Color
  • Text Color
  • Ribbon Margin
  • Ribbon Padding
  • Ribbon Radius
  • Font Options
  • Visual Builder

Feature Packed

See in Action

Few Samples

Home for Sale

SOLD !!!

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Newly Listed

Person Name

Person Name

Person Name

Made Fresh Daily

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On Sale Now

For Sale

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Ribbon Text

Todays Special

Fresh Side Salad

Hot Sides

Desert Included

Person Full Name

Person Full Name

Person Full Name

Person Full Name